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Stair Lifts

Enjoy greater freedom of movement and independence with Bhardwaj premium quality stair lifts. We offer safe and easy stair lifts to improve the mobility of the young and elderly in residential and commercial buildings. We provide accessibility equipment consultation, design and installation services for home owners,builders, architects and contractors.
Custom-Made Stair lifts for Your Building: Bhardwaj distributes a range of different stair lift models to match any staircase model and provide safe floor-to-floor transportation. Whether you have a winding staircase or one with multiple landings, round corners or steep angles, Bhardwaj straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts can be customized to suit the setting. We have battery operated and electric stair lifts suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. All the models of stair lifts we supply are safe, reliable and free of manufacturing defects.
We can help you choose a premium stair lift to suit your needs.