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Vehicle Lift

  • Suitable For lifting cars from one floor to the other floors
  • Maximum Lift Height 80 Feet (24 Mtrs.)
  • Capacity ranges from 1000 Kgs. To 6000 Kgs.
A hydraulic car lift is ideal for vehicle and axle inspections, mechanical repairs, service work & repairs. They are suited for small cars to light commercials. Allowing smooth running, the lifts offer fast lifting time. The environment friendly hydraulic drive filled with biodegradable oil offers complete synchronization and makes the lift
long lasting. The ergonomical design for inspection, service and mechanical repairs. Offering ultimate safety for the vehicle, the hydraulic car lifts generally have dual hydraulic cylinders, automatic arm restraints and automatic safety locks. The hydraulic car lifts have dual controls that allow their operation from either columns. The car lifts come with multi position electronic locking system that is fully accessible for maintenance. They have
high-pressure cylinders in each column providing maximum lifting force and smooth operation. The adjustable height option gives the flexibility to maximize the vehicles one can service with each lift. The various models of hydraulic car lifts are available in a variety of platform rises, capacities and widths to suit all kinds of requirements.